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Quiz rounds based on tv themes and ads, movie themes and music, as well as music from musicals

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Halloween Themes

10 Sound clips of Horro Movie themes, TV Themes and one other, enjoy: Peaky Blinders, This Is Halloween, Exorcist, Suspiria, Halloween, Addams Family, M.I.B., The Munsters, The X Files and […]

Top 25 Animated Movie Songs

From Radio 2 listener’s votes, the top 25 animated movie songs. Identify the song, the movie and if you’re really clever, the actual performers Movies include Toy Story, The Lion […]

I’m A Celebrity Winners

Can your guests spot these I’m A Celebrity Winners (up to 2001-2018) 12 famous (hopefully) voices of the winning contestants  Enjoy: Tony Blackburn, Phil Tufnell, Kerry Katona, Joe Pasquale, Carol […]

TV Quiz and Panel Shows

Ever more popular during lockdown can you identify these TV Themes which introduce quiz or panel shows on tv 10 to guess, good luck guessing: Mock The Week, Have I […]

TV Themes of the 70s – 3

Ten TV memories from the 1970s Just identify the shows, which include The Rockford Files, The Professionals, M*A*S*H, The Partridge Family, The Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie’s Angels, Starsky & […]

70s Movie Music

Harking back to flared trousers, big boots, political incorrectness and so many wonderful things, here are ten tunes that appeared in ten movies Name the movie, 2pts, Performers 2 pts […]

60s Movie Music

Songs and Themes from films of the 1960s. Can you identify the films? Music performed and composed by Maurice Jarre, John Barry Orchestra, Chad Stuart, Lord Tim Hudson, Digby Wolfe, […]

60s TV Themes 2

Theme tunes from 10 1960s TV shows Name the show….includes The Man from UNCLE, Hawaii 5-0, Star Trek, Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, The Munsters, The Addams Family, Captain Kangaroo, Mission […]

The Christmas BIG Quiz – Five Mixed Quiz rounds

50 (FIFTY!!) clips from 5 quiz rounds all mixed up, including Christmas Number ones 1980-89 (Name the YEAR and PERFORMER, 2pts); Bond Themes (Name the FILM, 1 pt); Hits from […]

Guess the Movie 2

As requested by customer Nicola, this is her guess the movie quiz request 10 fantastic song clips (mostly 80s and 90s) that were the soundtrack to some monumental movies. Am […]

Movie Music of John Williams

John Williams has written some of the most memorable and iconic film themes, so let’s honour him with a quiz.  Just tell me the well known films, these tunes were […]

Romantic Songs from the Movies

10 lovely romantic clips from 10 fabulous movies. All I need is the performer and the movie. It starts out easy….. Exclusively 1980s/1990s, enjoy Berlin, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, The […]

2016 Famous Deaths (Jan-Dec)

A large quiz(combining the two quizzes ‘2016 Famous Deaths Jan-Jun’ and ‘2016 Famous Deaths Jul-Dec’) to recognise all the great people we have lost in 2016. Listen to music clips, spoken clips […]

The BIG Family Mixed Quiz

(as requested by Tim)  50 (FIFTY!!) clips, all mixed up, including Beat the Intro – 2014, Children’s Disney films, Backwards Christmas songs, TV Themes (2010-2013), Christmas No.1s 2000-2009 (the number […]

Christmas TV Ads 2016

It’s a big Christmassey quiz – 15 tv ads to identify You can choose to show your contestants the logos to help them, or leave them to guess the retailer […]

Bake Off – bye bye

As its time to say goodbye from the BBC to Bake Off, here are 12 sweet, well-baked, perfectly designed GBBO related clips to provide you with your technical challenge and, […]

Classic Movies 50s-70s

Some fabulous music here from some iconic films. I want the name of the film the music featured in and also the performer Deborah Kerr & Yul Brynner, Marilyn Monroe, […]

TV Anagram 3

Can you work out the classic TV show that ran from 1964-1988, by unscrambling an anagram Take the first letter of each of these performers (ignore ‘The’ at the front […]

Games Show’s Hosts pt.2

10 TV Themes from game shows All I want is the host(s) of the show Enjoy clips from Family Fortunes, Fun House, It’s A Knockout, Name That Tune, Play Your […]

Games Show’s Hosts pt.1

10 TV Themes from game shows All I want is the host(s) of the show Enjoy clips from Call My Bluff, Big Break, Blankety Blank, Blind Date, Blockbusters, Generation Game, […]

Spot the Connection – Opening Musical numbers

10 clips from (hopefully) well known musicals. Your contestants can have 2 points for each Musical identified, but TEN points for spotting they are all the OPENING numbers from those […]


10 clips from Sam (or people whose name’s start Sam) Who are they? Hear Sam Smith,Samantha Mumba,Sam & Dave,Samantha Barks,Samuel L Jackson,Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs,Sammy Davis Jnr,Sam Brown,Sam […]

Spot the Connection – actors

10 spoken movie/tv drama clips to listen to. Identify what connects all the key actors. The clips are 5 female and 5 male actors in alternate order, i.e. woman, man, […]

Reality TV Themes

10 clips from which to identify 10 reality tv shows. Includes Big Brother, Dragon’s Den, The Voice, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, […]

Odd One Out – 2

10 great musical clues to enjoy, digest, discuss, dissect and decide …. decide which one is the Odd One Out. Enjoy some of Lulu,Adele,A-ha,Sheryl Crowe,Sheena Easton,Nancy Sinatra,Harry Connick Jnr,Garbage,Sam Smith,Paul […]

Guess the Movie 1

You have 10 films to find that these singles featured in. Can you identify the movies whilst enjoying some cool music. This one is a bit more challenging than the […]

Guess the Musical 2

Musicals  10 clips from stage and screen musicals for you identify including Les Miserables, Frozen, Cats, Chicago, The Commitments, West Side Story, Wicked, Oliver, The King & I, Annie

Movie Studio Themes

Instead of movie themes (great though they are), let’s concentrate on the bit before the movie; the lion, the fishing boy, the bouncing desk lamp – know the ones I […]

TV 70s Themes 3

Classic TV themes from the 70s. Can your guests identify Wonder Woman, Space 1999, Test Match Special, The Tomorrow  People, The Cuckoo Waltz, The Incredible Hulk, Citizen Smith, World In […]

Spot the Connection

10 Clips – One Connection. It’s pretty easy to spot the connection but you need to identify ALL the clips and how they connect, to get the points Great stuff […]