quiz rounds containing or based on rock’n’roll music


The Rock’n’Rollers

Going w-a-a-ay back to the great original Rock’n’Rollers The songs are easy but can you remember the performers Enjoy: Elvis Presley, Bill Haley & His Comets, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl […]

Rock and Roll

I love this one  (easy but fun) – ten rock and roll songs all including “rock and roll” in their titles. All I want are the performers (2pts), but you […]

Beat the Intro – Status Quo

15 clips from the rockers who’ve been playing three chord magic since the 60s, opened Live Aid and have had more than 20 top ten hits. Includes Rockin’ All Over […]

Make A Song Title – Rock’n’Roll

11 clips here For each one, take a word from the title and when the quiz is complete put the 11 words together to make a well know golden oldie […]

The Big Glam Rock Quiz

A double length quiz round featuring all the platform heels and spangles you could wish for. Great fun music and all you have to do is enjoy it. Oh! And […]

Backwards Elvis

Can you identify the 10 tracks from the King of Rock’n’Roll played in reverse? Good luck! Includes… Wooden Heart, Teddy Bear, Blue Suede Shoes and many more