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War. What is it good for?

War  What is it good for? Absolutely nothing Classic peace and antiwar songs. No charge for this quiz Free Quiz Edwin Starr, John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band, Paul […]

Alphabet – K – 2

Simple quiz. Just identify all the performers; and their names all begin ‘K’ 2 pts each Here we go with: Kid Rock, Kaiser Chiefs, King, Kool & The Gang, Kraftwerk, […]

Free Picture Quiz – Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame

For a bit of fun can your contestants identify these 16 Hall of Fame top 100 bands

Free Picture Quiz – Name the Radio Presenters

For a it of fun, here is a Picture Quiz with 25 Radio presenters

Covid 19 (2) Playlist

Another FREE quiz. A playlist/quiz for the current pandemic with aptly named songs Just identify the performers. Should be a piece of cake Michael Jackson, REM, Bee Gees, MC Hammer, […]

Hooked On Classics

This quiz contains absolutely no input from mp3Quiz.; It’s the a chart single that contains 17 well known classics; composed by 12 different composers. We’ll give you the composers. All […]


Lots of clips here and they are all about London. Some have “London” in the title but 10 clips don’t. The challenge is to identify these 10 places, which include […]