Spot the Connection

The classic ‘Spot the Connection’ rounds


what do all the clips have in common, including the more tricky ‘Connections‘ rounds where each musical clip is somehow related to the next.
Fiendish !!




Spot the Connection – Snooker

What have all these clips in common? Colours? Seems to be but what about the triangle? Enjoy clips from Black Lace(!), Booker T, Phil Lynott, Pink and T Rex among […]

Spot the Connection – Bands With Repeating Names

Spot the Connection round with 10 bands/performers who are connected by having a repeating name; you’ll see what I mean at the bottom 2pts for Performer, 2 pts for Song, […]

Coloured Bands 2

Ten performers with something in common Name the connection and each individual item (colour) Including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Golden Earring, Professor Green, P!nk, Jonas Blue, Yello, Black Box, Dobie […]

American Journey

Can you identify the 10 American cities/towns AND the State they are in. Beware the answer may be in the song title, performer’s name OR (almost) in the lyrics of […]

Spot the Connection – Extra Terrestrial Things

10 interesting clips with one thing in common. It’s not anything to do with the music. There’s something connecting either the performers or the song titles. You’ll need to name […]

Spot the Connection – Debut Singles

10 pretty varied tracks to listen to As usual, let’s have the Performer and Song Title, but the big prize is for what do these songs all have in common […]

1960s Spot the Connection – Only Reached No.2

10 groovy 1960s clips with something in common. They all only reached No. 2 as their highest chart position Enjoy: Billy Fury, Pat Boone, The Beatles, Kenny Ball, Val Doonican, […]

Disco Connect

Another Connections round. 10 disco clips, but what word connects each clip with the previous one. Enjoy Shalamar, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Robert Palmer.

Spot the Connection – Dubliners

10 famous people to identify and one connections connects them 5 points for spotting they are all Dubliners (not Irish), and a point each for identifying : Bob Geldoff, Dervla […]

Spot the Connection – Repeating Words in Titles

Slick name for the quiz, huh? Another Spot the Connection, but FAR FAR FAR too easy 5pts for the Connection, 2 Pts for Performer and 1pt for Year. Aha! Good […]

Spot the Connection – UK Publications

10 clips predominantly from the 80s…all with something in common. Can your audience spot the newspaper or magazine title hidden in the song title Great stuff here from: The Beatles, […]

Royalty and Titles

10 great song clips (predominantly 80s again – what’s going on here?) containing the name of a royal position or title in the performer’s name or song title. Not a […]

Spot the Connection – Brown

Twelve clips (because I didn’t want to leave any songs out) with one thing in common. The performers are all “brown”. Not too difficult for your guests to work out, […]

Spot the Connection – Parts of the Body

10 excellent song clips with one thing in common; your preparation to become a CSI It’s not too hard, so 5 points for spotting the common thing and 1 for […]

Spot the Connection – Prince

10 songs that your contestants may or may not know were Prince compositions 5 points for spotting that connection but 2 points for each performer (and some are pretty tough). […]

Spot the Connection – colours – 60s-80s

10 songs with something in common. 10 songs, but with a potential for 11 answers!! It could be something in the song title or something in the performer’s name but […]

Spot the Connection – songs they tried to ban

10 Songs many decades; all well known but with something in common Such a wide range of tunes, from the Everlys to Frankie Goes to Hollywood..from The Shamen to The […]

Spot the Connection – actors

10 spoken movie/tv drama clips to listen to. Identify what connects all the key actors. The clips are 5 female and 5 male actors in alternate order, i.e. woman, man, […]

Animals 2 (Spot the Connection?)

(enjoyed the first one, I had to do another) 12 very varied clips from the 60s to 90s all with one thing in common Spot the animal (inc mythical and […]

Spot the Connection – Lady

10 Clips with something in common – Lady; in the performer’s name, the song title or from a musical 2pt for the connection, 1 Pt for song, 2 pts for […]

Spot the Connection

It’s the Top Ten countdown from number 10 to number 1.  But the countdown of what?  That’s the connection you need to find but it’s dead good Enjoy Simple Minds, […]

That’s Life

Should be a Spot the Connection but way too easy really. In all these 10 clips about “life” I want the Performer (2pts), Song Title (2pts) and, as a bonus […]

Musical Connections

This is a BIG Quiz. 10 sets of 4 clips and each set of 4 is a Spot the Connection… Family members, Cities, Colours…sometimes in the song title and sometimes in […]


Not too difficult this quiz, but still a lot of enjoyable, if old, clips Can your audience spot the connection – all the performers are Billy? They still should name […]

Spot the Connection – Flora (plants & trees)

All these songs titles have something in common, but can your crowd identify the titles all contain a flower/tree in the title 2pts for the connection, 3 pts for each […]

What’s My Break?

Ten clips for your contestants to identify and calculate their score Enjoy Sugababes, Will Smith, Nena, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Shakin’ Stevens, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Scaffold, Amy Winehouse

Spot the Connection – Occupations

10 great songs, but what connects the performers The Weather Girls, The Police, Mike & The Mechanics, Editors, Pilot, The Carpenters, Sam Cooke, Maxi Priest, Manic Street Preachers, Spin Doctors,

Spot the Connection – Threesomes

This quiz is rocking. It’s loud and bad and full of rock music Spot the Connection – all the bands are made up of three members! 2 pts for each […]

That’s Life – again

Should be a Spot the Connection but way too easy really. In all these 10 clips about “life” I want the Performer (2pts), Song Title (2pts) and, as a bonus […]


What connects each of these clips with the one before? Artist name? A word from the song title? Or something about their relationship with the previous clip? Either way, enjoy […]

Soul Connections

11 Funky, Soul and Motown clips 10 difficult and challenging answers Can you tell what connects each clip with the previous one? Includes music from Teena Marie, Funkadelic, Frantique and […]

Spot the Connection – ‘Song’ Songs

10 clips with something in common 2pts for performer, 2 pts for song, 5pts for connection Great stuff from : Cher, Michael Jackson, Ocean Colour Scene, Bruno Mars, The Tweets, […]

Spot the Connection

10 Clips – One Connection. It’s pretty easy to spot the connection but you need to identify ALL the clips and how they connect, to get the points Great stuff […]

World – 2

10 clips all relating to world (or run it as a Spot the Connection round) As usual, let’s have the performers and song titles. Includes:Third World, The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, […]

Spot the Connection – First Chart Single As Solo Artist

10 clips by well known artists but what do all these recordings have in common 2pt for each performer, 2 pts for each ‘answer’ Boy George, Robbie Williams, Rachel Stevens, […]

Spot the Connection – The Traveling Wilburys

10 clips providing clues, whether phonetically, or in the performer or song title to the casual group formed by George Harrison in 1988 and again in 1990. Formed of George […]

Spot the Connection – Olympics 2012

10 wonderfully British clips (and that’s a clue already) Can you identify what connects these ten clips and the order they are played in? Includes clips from The Clash, OMD, […]

Spot the Connection – Songs with Same Titles as TV Shows

10 very varied musical clips all with something in common. Your contestants have to identify that something (5 pts) and the performers 2 pts each Enjoy David Bowie, John Lennon, […]

Spot the Connection – Man

Spot the Connection round; what do all these performers have in common? Name all the songs and performers and identify the connection Enjoy: Bill Wyman, Brotherhood of Man, Dennis Waterman, […]

Geographical Features

Bear with me , this is good. Honest. A proper quiz Using the clips as clues just name the 10 geographical features contained in the performers names Benny Hill, Greg […]

Spot the Connection – Performers with plants or trees in their names

Can your contestants spot the connection with all the band/performer names? 2pts for the connection, 3 pts for each performer named Buddy Holly, Kate Bush, Lily Allen, Rose Royce, The […]

Spot the Connection – rivers

10 clips with something in common From Pussycat, Duran Duran, Boney M and Madness and more, can you spot the geographical connection

Spot the Connection – One Word Songs by One Word Performers

Artists and Song Titles please; AND the connection between them all Enjoy: Rhianna, Abba, Blondie, Adele, Oasis, Coldplay, Space, Des’ree, Bananarama, Wham! Excerpt

Self Titled Albums

A Spot the Connection round Can your contestants work out the connection between all these tracks, the clue being the original album they were on In every case the Album […]

Three of the Same

10 very varied musical clips all with something in common. Your contestants have to identify that something (5 pts), the performers – there’s some obscure ones – 2 pts each […]

Spot the Connection – Musical Genres

10 varied clips from 60s to the 00s. The connection to find is somewhere in the titles 5 pts for the connection, 2 pts for each connecting item Meanwhile enjoy: […]

Spot the Connection – Footwear and Clothing

10 interesting and varied clips 2pts for performer and 2 pts for song and 5pts for spotting the connection between all these songs Jessica Simpson, The Hollies, Pulp, Paul Simon, […]

Connections 4

10 clips to link together one to the next. This one is a bit challenging but a whole lot of fun. Bonus points if you can identify what connects clip […]

Find the Girls

10 Clips to enjoy. Can you spot all the girl’s names and spot which is actually a boy. Can you remember the performers or the year these were hits Includes […]


10 Famous but very different song clips featuring male siblings (brothers). You get a point for each brother named correctly – there’s at least 23 available, but some may be […]

Spot the Connection – Carry On Films

Can your guests spot the connection between all these clips; noticing ‘Doctor’ or ‘Sergeant’ or ‘Teacher’ (and more in the titles)? And putting them all together to work out the […]

Spot the Connection – Celebrating Breaking Up

10 great songs all about celebrating divorce/break ups. Can your guests spot the connection and identify who the performers are? Includes The Mavericks, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Gloria Gaynor and […]

Spot the Connection – The Wizard of Oz

10 clips that all lead to a connection, either something in the performer name or in the song title 5 points for the connection and 1 point each for performer […]

Spot the Connection – eurovision

10 song clips form the 1970s-1990s What have they got in common? Listen to Katrina and the Waves, Abba, Terry Wogan (honestly!), Sandie Shaw and more

Coloured Bands

Run this as Spot the Connection or just name the colour associated to each performer Ten performers with something in common Name the connection and each individual item (colour) Including […]

Animals (Spot the Connection?)

12 very varied clips from the 50s to 2010s all with one thing in common Spot the animal. Run it as a Spot the Connection round, or just as a […]

Spot the Connection – Eurovision 2

10 fantastic clips with something in common (all the performers scored well at Eurovision). Performers and Sngs please and what connects them all Fantastic music from Sandie Shaw, Lulu, Brotherhod […]

Spot the Connection – Wimbledon

Compiled with the help of some long suffering Facebook friends It won’t be too hard to spot the tennis-ey terms that make the  connection. But make sure to require the […]

Spot the Connection – LL

This quiz is all about spotting what all the performers have in common 2pts each for each correct performer and an extra 5 for the connection. Enjoy: Pharrell Williams, KT […]

Spot the Connection – 4 Letter Acts

Identify the performers (2pts each) and the  tell the question setter what they all have in common Enjoy a variety of music from Free, Eels, Dawn, Muse, Abba, Blur, Five, […]

Doctorin’ the Quiz

Sorry about the title…. 10 Clips about or by Doctors; just to make you feel so much better Just get the Performer and Song and Year of Release (3pts total), […]

Spot the Connection – Card Games

10 clips to identifybthe performers and song titles Once you’ve done that, then looking at both, what’s the connection? Or just play it as “What’s The Card Games?” Can you […]

There’s No Fire Without

10 clips that have a connection to smoke or smoking (oh I still miss it) Performers and song titles please Enjoy: ABC, Afroman, Brownsville Station, Deep Purple, K.D.Lang, Oasis, Pink […]

Spot the Connection – Manchester Acts

10 clips fabulous clips to identify 2 pts for Performer, 2pt.s for Song Title and an added bonus of 5pts for spotting what they all have in common Happy Mondays, […]

Connections 60s 70s 80s

10 clips from the 60s 70s 80s. But what has each subsequent track in common with the preceing one? Includes…George Harrison, ELO, Modern Romance, Lionel Richie? ….and more  

60s Spot the Connection – Liverpool Acts

10 Golden classics from the UK’s 1960s music scene; but what do all of these have in common? Enjoy the great songs of: Ken Dodd, The Beatles, Cilla Black, Billy […]

Spot the Connection – Green

A slightlu larger quiz – 12 clips all with something nin common either in the performer’s name or song title Best of luck with George Ezra, Norman Greenbaum, Al Green, […]

Spot the Connection – Band Aid

What do all these artists have in common? Can your guests spot that they all sang on the original ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’? Includes Paul Young, Marilyn, Bananarama, Boy […]

Metal Detectors

Another quiz idea morphed from Pointless; spot the metal. Can your contestants become the metal detectors to identify the metal, the performer and the song title 2pts for Performer and […]

Spot the Connection – UK Prime Ministers

10 song clips to endure, oops enjoy and a connection to find. You’ll need to be noting the performers rather than songs and (with a little bit of flexibility over […]

70s Spot the Connection – Musical Genres

One of my favourites. Here are 10 70s clips, some of which you may not have heard for a while (and wish you still didn’t, check out tune 2) 1 […]

Spot the Connection – same initials

Ten great clips from the 2005 – 2014 all with something in common. But what? Listen to tunes from Jessie J, Cheryl Cole, Foo Fighters, Sam Smith, Temper Trap and […]

Spot the Connection – Mr Men Characters!

10 clips to spot the connection. With no relevance to music or performers at all you can give your audience as many or as few clues as you wish…..but the […]

Animals 3 (60s-80s)

10 very varied clips from the 60s to 80s all with one thing in common Spot the animal. Run it as a Spot the Connection round, or just as a […]


10 clips all relating to world (or run it as a Spot the Connection round) As usual, let’s have the performers and song titles. Includes: Cat Stevens, Westlife, Underworld, Three […]


10 classic clips (mostly) and all your contestants have to do is spot the Suit (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades) in the performer Enjoying: Ace, Ace Of Base, Desmond Dekker & […]

70s Connections – Didn’t Make Top 20

10 clips from the 1970s from well known artists. In terms of success what did they all have in common  5pts for what they have in common, 2pts for each […]

Spot the Connection – Opening Musical numbers

10 clips from (hopefully) well known musicals. Your contestants can have 2 points for each Musical identified, but TEN points for spotting they are all the OPENING numbers from those […]

Spot the Connection – Nonsensical Song Titles

A bit of fun here – 10 songs which seem to have nothing in common. Until you realise their titles are made up words (as always I’m grateful to ‘Pointless’ […]

Spot the Connection – Night

A slightly larger quiz – 12 clips all with something nin common either in the performer’s name or song title Best of luck with Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, Katy […]

Spot the Connection – Bridges

Some tricky ones here, but you’ll need the performers and titles to get the connection fully Enjoy Adele, Alicia Bridges, All Saints, Mitch Miller, Cher, Ray Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, […]

Spot the Connection – Crazy

A pretty easy Spot the Connection – what do all these have in common. But I want to know the performers too. 2 point for each performer and 5 points […]

70s Colours

10 clips containing colours in the song title and in the performer I want the Song (2pts), Performer (2pts) and colour(s) contained in each clip Enjoy: Melanie, Greyhound, Billy Ocean, […]

Spot the Connection – numerical bands

10 brilliant clips Your contestants have to work out the connection between all these clips, and for added points enter what that difference is for each answer. 10 points for […]

Spot the Connection – things you wear

What have all these clips got in common? The clue is in the title. This quiz could also be run as ‘Name the Clothing’ Great clips from Prince, Lana Del […]

Spot the Connection – “BOY” Bands

This quiz is men only. It’s moody, tough and full of man flu Spot the Connection – all the bands name’s include “BOY”! 2 pts for each band named, and […]

Spot the Connection – Famous Names – 1

10 Brilliant clips from all over the place Spot the Connection? Easy Identify each of the connection. Includes great music by Gorillaz, Prince Buster, OMD, Space, Mika, Killcity and more

Connections – Hello

A new Connections round from the very prolific Paul – thank you Can you spot the connections here (well, blimey it’s pretty easy, hello??) To make it a bit easier […]

Spot the Connection – Summer

10 songs with something summery in connection. Not too difficult, in fact it should be easy, but who wants to work too hard at this time of year 5 point […]