Sport related quiz rounds

..including World Cups, Olympics, footbal manager’s after match quotes, TV sports themes and more


Spot the Connection – Olympics 2012

10 wonderfully British clips (and that’s a clue already) Can you identify what connects these ten clips and the order they are played in? Includes clips from The Clash, OMD, […]

Guess The Year – 1980

Can your guests identify the year these songs and pieces of newsreel footage come from Including The Police, Odyssey, Detroit Spinners, Abba  plus clips from Movie, BBC News and ITV […]

Football Anthems

Can you identify the team the supporters would be singing these tunes for, or the team (national or international) associated with the clip. And, in between clips enjoy the slightly […]

Gold, Silver and _____ ?

A shameless attempt to cash in the Olympics. Oh well, roll on Rio Song titles or performers with ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ or, well, another metal in the name (iron, steel?). Three […]

Guess The Sport

What sport is meant to be identified by each of these musical clips, and which is the odd one out, not associated to any sport. Clips from Lightning Seeds, Survivor, […]

World Cup 2010 National Anthems

At last, a bit of quality and class here at the music quiz site. Can you identify the countries these national anthems belong to – a clue : who’s playing […]

Olympics Songs

10 Songs chosen to represent the last 10 Olympic Games (from 1980 – 2016). Your job is to identify which city was the host and which year, for each song. […]

Spot the Connection – Snooker

What have all these clips in common? Colours? Seems to be but what about the triangle? Enjoy clips from Black Lace(!), Booker T, Phil Lynott, Pink and T Rex among […]

Spot the Connection – Wimbledon

Compiled with the help of some long suffering Facebook friends It won’t be too hard to spot the tennis-ey terms that make the  connection. But make sure to require the […]

Premier League Football Anthems 2017

10 Premier League (at this moment) team anthems and/or chants 2 points for each Premier League team identified Look out for themes for Watford, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Stoke City, […]

Name That Football Manager

..or “Well, Motty….” A spot of football for the boys “Well, Motty, I think we wuz rubbed…..” This quiz was created during the 2011/2012 season. In that time premier league […]

Sports TV Themes (UK)

Theme music from a number of well known British sportsTV programs, covering Grandstand, Cricket, Equestrianism…. Name that sport

Red, White and Blue

With a little nationalism built in for the World Cup….can you get the red whites and blues 2pts for colour, 2 pts for song title Here we go, here we […]

It’s Coming Home (England Football Songs)?

On the eve of the World Cup, what better time to see how many songs we remember from previous tournaments. IT AIN’T PRETTY BUT IT IS HISTORY To make it […]