partly or completely non-musical quiz rounds


I’m A Celebrity Winners

Can your guests spot these I’m A Celebrity Winners (up to 2001-2018) 12 famous (hopefully) voices of the winning contestants  Enjoy: Tony Blackburn, Phil Tufnell, Kerry Katona, Joe Pasquale, Carol […]

Famous Faces We Lost in 2017 – pt 2

12 well known people from Entertainment and the arts that we lost in 2017: Singers, Entertainers, Actors, Broadcasters…. See if your contestants can name them all Includes audio clips from […]

Top Of The Pops Presenters of the 60s and 70s

A huge dollop of nostalgia as we listen to the voices of people who we rarely saw except on TOTP. The clips come from a variety of sources but the […]

St Patrick’s Day – spoken

10 spoken clips from a variety (well, mostly comedians and actors) of well known Irish voices. WARNING: Includes some colourful language Just name the voice….with Pierce Brosnan, Bob Geldoff, Colin […]

2016 Famous Deaths (Jan-Dec)

A large quiz(combining the two quizzes ‘2016 Famous Deaths Jan-Jun’ and ‘2016 Famous Deaths Jul-Dec’) to recognise all the great people we have lost in 2016. Listen to music clips, spoken clips […]

2016 Famous Deaths Jul-Dec

One half of a large quiz (but still big enough to be a quiz on its own) to recognise all the great people we have lost in 2016. Listen to […]

2016 Famous Deaths Jan-Jun

One half of a large quiz (but still big enough to be a quiz on its own) to recognise all the great people we have lost in 2016. Listen to […]

Olympics Number Ones

10 Songs that were at number one the fist week in August for the Olympics opening week (from 1980 – 2016). You have to get the year, the song, the […]


10 audio and music clips that provide the sound of or clues toward well known/famous people called Eric. Just name the Eric for 2 points each Includes clips/music from: Eric […]


10 audio clips of historic moments: sports commentaries, election victories, a famous fictional character, a new presenter. And they are prefixed with a the year and role they played. But […]

Spot the Connection – Dubliners

10 famous people to identify and one connections connects them 5 points for spotting they are all Dubliners (not Irish), and a point each for identifying : Bob Geldoff, Dervla […]

Odd One Out – Eton Out spoken quiz

This is a good tough quiz. A spoken quiz round with 10 speakers to identify, and for a 10 point bonus, who is the odd one out and why? You […]

Spot the Connection – actors

10 spoken movie/tv drama clips to listen to. Identify what connects all the key actors. The clips are 5 female and 5 male actors in alternate order, i.e. woman, man, […]

Election 2015 – who’s talking politics?

In the run up to the UK 2015 General Election, the music quiz presents the major players for you to decide who to vote for. As ever I’ve tried to […]

Who Are You – spoken clips

10 clips with the voices of famous people – one of the clips features 4 people   Spoken clips from famous people and clips are either factual announcements, interview answers […]

Who Are You – spoken (2)

Can identify these famous voices from politics, movies and light entertainment. Includes, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, John Cleese, George Bush, Graham Norton and more

Showtune Lyrics

Can you identify the classic Showtunes/songs from Musicals and the song titles from these spoken lyrics? Includes clips from Calamity Jane, South Pacific, Bugsy Malone, Evita?.

Name That Football Manager

..or “Well, Motty….” A spot of football for the boys “Well, Motty, I think we wuz rubbed…..” This quiz was created during the 2011/2012 season. In that time premier league […]

Carry On Quizzing

“Oooooh dear, matron” Hilarious and familiar clips from 10 Carry On films, but which ones? Can you spot Carry on Henry, Camping, Cleo, Doctor, Matron?and others. Enjoy the smut and […]