Odd One Out

Odd One Out

Odd One Out – Deeply High

Ten varied clips with something in common (either in the title or performer name), EXCEPT ONE. Awesome huh? Enjoy some: Adele, DEEP Blue Something, Take That, Savage Garden, PP Arnold, […]

Years and “Years”

Bit of an odd one out going on here. 9 clips containing a Year in the title and just one with the word ‘Years’ Get them all and you’re a […]

Odd One Out – 202401

Here’s an Odd One Out round, it’s been a while since one of those 9 clips with something in common and one that has a different theme You get points […]

Two too

Songs with two in the title – spot the odd one out though Song title, performer and connection/odd-one-out, please Enjoy Adam & The Ants, Richard Myhill, Edmundo Ross and his […]

Odd Out Out – Timely Connections

Thanks again Paul; an Odd One Out Round but all based around a single timely theme Get the odd one out (and, of course let’s here all the performers and […]

Odd One Out – Forms of Marine Transport

Can your guests spot and name the connection between nine of these clips and name the odd one out Titles and performers needed plus the connection and odd one out […]

Odd One Out – Threes

Odd one out round that’s all about the performers All of them are 3 letter performers except Mel & Kim which is two lots of three. 2pts for each performer; […]

Odd One Out – Better Off Without You?

It’s all about the song here, which is the odd one out All except track 8 are about being happy and surviving a relationship, track 8 is about reinforcing the […]

Odd One Out – Animals

Keep an eye on the song title and performers; which is the odd one out? Johnny Preston, America, Elton John, Survivor, Culture Club, Katy Perry, The Cure, Ugly Kid Joe, […]

Singles That Were Album Titles

Terrible name for a good quiz Clips from 10 well known singles here.  All I want to know is, which of these singles were also the titles of the albums […]

Sisters (Odd One Out)

This quiz is all about groups containing sisters and one that doesn’t – but which one? 2 pts for each performer(s), 3 points for finding the non-sisters performer Enjoy the […]

Nicola’s One Hit Wonder Quiz

10 well known hits that were the only hit for their performers Give me the song titles for 1 pt, performers for 2 pts and year of release for 2 […]

Odd One Out – Carole King songs

10 classics that will bring back a host of nostalgia and memories. 9 were composed (or part composed) by Carole King. Which one wasn’t? Give your audience as much or […]

Odd One Out – Performers with Single Letter Names

Spot the Odd One Out from these 10 clips. It’s nothing to do with the music; everything to do with the Performers names. Can your guests identify that ‘R Kelly’ […]

Odd One Out – Eton Out spoken quiz

This is a good tough quiz. A spoken quiz round with 10 speakers to identify, and for a 10 point bonus, who is the odd one out and why? You […]

Odd One Out

10 fabulous clips. Honestly. Name the song 1pt. Name the performer 1 pt. Name the Odd One Out and why – 10 pt Enjoy Nina Simone,The White Stripes,Robert Palmer & […]

Odd One Out – 2

10 great musical clues to enjoy, digest, discuss, dissect and decide …. decide which one is the Odd One Out. Enjoy some of Lulu,Adele,A-ha,Sheryl Crowe,Sheena Easton,Nancy Sinatra,Harry Connick Jnr,Garbage,Sam Smith,Paul […]

Odd One Out – read my lips

Can your guests identify the odd one out of these eclectic and varied mix of tunes. They’ll need to be looking in the titles and performers names to get the […]

I Am

“I am” what or doing what? All your audience have to do is spot what the singers are/or are doing. Oh, and to identify the odd one out. We’ve got […]

Odd One Out 5

Find the Odd One Out from these 10 clips. The clue might be in the Performer’s name or Song Title. We’re looking for the song that’s the odd one out […]

The Beatles – odd one out – 2

10 great (aren’t they all?) Beatles clips. Can you spot the one that shouldn’t be there? It’s not about the singer or writer or year, it’s about which song is […]

Find the Girls

10 Clips to enjoy. Can you spot all the girl’s names and spot which is actually a boy. Can you remember the performers or the year these were hits Includes […]

Odd One Out – find the number one

10 musical clues. 1969 – 1986 Can you spot what connects 9 of these clips and which is the odd one out Includes Blondie, Thompson Twins, Kinks and 7 more

Odd One Out 2

10 clips where 9 have something in common but the other is an odd one out. This one is to do with chart positions The clue is in the quiz […]

Odd One Out 1

10 clips where 9 have something in common but the other is an odd one out. This one is to do with chart positions A clue is in an old […]

We Are Family

10 Classic tracks featuring a family performing the song with one exception. Who are the families and which is the odd one out?


You’ll love this one Hopefully Zany, crazy one-hit wonders. Not just single hits but also slightly mad ones. Can you get them all? Can you get ANY of them? Splodgenessabounds, […]