Quiz rounds based on, or including songs from 1980s

Chronology – Abba

Can you put these 10 hits in the right order and, in the meantime, enjoy some great songs. You’ll hear Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Waterloo and many more

Spot the Connection – Band Aid

What do all these artists have in common? Can your guests spot that they all sang on the original ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’? Includes Paul Young, Marilyn, Bananarama, Boy […]

The BIG 1970s-1990s Quiz

A huge, easy quiz featuring the best selling single from every year from 1970 to 1999 in chronological order – yes! 30 clips, 3 times as big as the usual […]

1980s One Hit Wonders (US)

One Hit Wonders of the 1980s, what fun Just tell us who had these singular hits including Kaoma, Boy Meets Girl, Was (Not Was), Nu Shooz, Baltimora, Limahl, Ryan Paris, […]

Soul Duets

Soul music 1960s – 1980s style Who are the pairs of singers duetting together in these clips? 20 answers from 10 clips Includes gems sung by Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, […]

And who?

10 fabulous clips from the 60s to the noughties (2 of each), all credited with performers in the format of ‘Performer and the Band‘ The quiz task is to get […]

Beat the Intro – 1950s-2000s

10 classic clips from the 1950s to 2000 Includes clips featuring  The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Bryan Adams, Robbie Williams…and more

Top Selling 80s Hits by Year

10 Classics. The official best selling single of each year of the decade 1pt for Performer, 1 pt for song title, and 3 points for the year (remember they are […]

TV 80s Themes

Can you recognise these classic TV themes from the 80s that cheered the UK audiences? Including Dallas, Blind Date, Minder…and more (see also TV 80s Themes 2 – for more […]

Spot the Connection – Celebrating Breaking Up

10 great songs all about celebrating divorce/break ups. Can your guests spot the connection and identify who the performers are? Includes The Mavericks, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Gloria Gaynor and […]

80s Number Ones

Ten number ones from the 1980s the decade of filofax, computers, electronics, rampant capitalism See if you (well, your guests) can identify the artists performing, the year the songs were […]

Beat the Intro – 1980s -2

Classic intros from the 80s Including The Specials, Yazoo, Bangles, Spandau Ballet….  

Beat the Intro – 1980s

Beat The Intro – 80s 10 clips from the 1980s Incuding…Yazoo, Duran Duran, Philip Oakley & Giorgio Moroder, David Bowie …and many more sample below:

Beat the Intro – Status Quo

15 clips from the rockers who’ve been playing three chord magic since the 60s, opened Live Aid and have had more than 20 top ten hits. Includes Rockin’ All Over […]

Connections 60s 70s 80s

10 clips from the 60s 70s 80s. But what has each subsequent track in common with the preceing one? Includes…George Harrison, ELO, Modern Romance, Lionel Richie? ….and more  


10 Clips, 10 guys, 10 names Name them. And, if possible the performers and year Includes clips from Sister Sledge, Twinkle, Pink Floyd, Lightning Seeds, Don Mclean, Paul Simon and […]

Chronology – Michael Jackson

10 classic tracks, but in which order did they first chart, and can you remember which year? World famous clips including Bad, Ben, Thriller, Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.

One Hit Wonders – 60s-80s

10 clips from 60s 70s 80s from artists whose grasp of fame lasted only one hit Covering 1962 – 1982 and including Spirit In The Sky, It’s Raining Men, Pop […]

1980s Covers of 1960s Songs

10 hits from the 1980s which are covers of 1960s songs. I want the original performer for 2 pts each Enjoy George Harrison, Soft Cell, Blondie, UB40, Naked Eyes, Tierra, […]

TV 80s Themes 2

Can you identify these 10 TV shows from the 80s from their theme tunes? Includes Dynasty, Benny Hill, Parkinson and more…..

70s or 80s

I like this one. 10 great clips from the 70s and 80s, but which songs first charted in which decade Performer and Song – 2 pts each. Correct decade 4pts […]

Chronology – Madonna

Put these 10 classic Madge tracks in the order they were hits – and enjoy some cracking music in the process Includes, Like A Virgin, Into The Groove, Justify My […]

Guess The Year – 1982

Can your guests work out what year the following news footage, film trailer, sports events and, of course music comes from?

Guess the Year – 1988

What year were all these a hit? Well, obviously you know. You bought the quiz. But can your guests work which year these were all in the charts?

Spot the Connection – songs they tried to ban

10 Songs many decades; all well known but with something in common Such a wide range of tunes, from the Everlys to Frankie Goes to Hollywood..from The Shamen to The […]

TV Anagram 2

Can your contestants/guests/victims work out which very popular tv show is hidden in the anagram constructed by using the first letter of all these songs 10 clips to make a […]

Connections 60s – 90s

10 clips from the 1960s -1990s. Connect each song with the one before by a word in the title, a name in the performer or something a little more complex…includes […]

Chronology – Bee Gees

The amazing Bee Gees with hits over 5 decades, plus song writing credits for so many other artists. Can you put these Bee Gees releases in chronological order of charting. […]

One Hit Wonders from which Decade?

10 Fantastic (and occasionally bizarre) one hit wonders from 1950s-1980s. We just want to know which decade they charted Enjoy: Ricky Valance, B Bumble and the Stingers, Clive Dunn, The […]

Disco Connect

Another Connections round. 10 disco clips, but what word connects each clip with the previous one. Enjoy Shalamar, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Robert Palmer.

We Are The World

We Are The World was the song performed by USA for Africa song written and performed by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie to raise money for the famine in Ethiopia […]

The Christmas BIG Quiz – Five Mixed Quiz rounds

50 (FIFTY!!) clips from 5 quiz rounds all mixed up, including Christmas Number ones 1980-89 (Name the YEAR and PERFORMER, 2pts); Bond Themes (Name the FILM, 1 pt); Hits from […]

Beat the Intro – 1970 to 2009

A BIG Beat the Intro quiz round, equivalent to FOUR standard quizzes This was requested by a lady for her husband’s 40th birthday – wanting a Beat the Intro for […]

Worst Songs of the 80s (Possibly)

Quite possibly the worst music of the 80s? All I want are the performers of these atrocities, 2pts each for Starship, Falco, New Kids On The Block, Toto Coelo, The […]

Word 80s

Back to the 1980s for this quiz All the songs have a one word title for you to spot, plus, of course, we need the performers Enjoy The Jam, Madness, […]


Can you identify who’s doing the different versions of these great songs? Who is performing? Which is the original version and which is the cover or are they both covers? […]

David Bowie – Chronology

This quiz is just an excuse to listen to 12 classic Bowie tracks.. Can you place these Singles in order of UK release? Even if you can’t, you can still […]

Soul Places

Can you name these 10 soulful cities and towns? Who’s singing about them and what year were they released? AND which one is not about a real town? Includes clips […]

Beat the Intro – 5 rounds

Beat The Intro everyone’s favourite. This big quiz deal features 5 Beat The Intro quiz questions for the price of 4 Beat the Intro 1960s Beat the Intro 1970s Beat […]

Karen’s BIG Family Quiz

Well, this one’s a WHOPPER. 60 (yes SIXTY, equivalent to 6 regular quizzes ) clips for you to identify Give me the Performers and Song Titles; some are easy and some […]

Play That Funky Music

15 Fine Funk Phonographic clips. Classic dance and funk clips from…well, who were the performers? And which decade -1960s, 1970s, 1980s or 1990s?

Alphabet Oldies K-T

Let’s identify the performers from these 10 clips, with a massive hint, they are in alphabetical order from K to T Some very easy, some a bit tricky, you decide: […]

Beat the Intro – 1960s-1980s

Beat the Intro 60s – 80s Classic songs, classic intros Featuring David Bowie, Madness, T.Rex …and more

Guess The Year – 1985

What year were all these a hit? Well, obviously you know. You bought the quiz. But can your guests work which year these were all in the charts?

Forgotten 80s Hits

10 memories from the 80s, but not the usual smash hits 2pts for each performer/band and a point for the song title (some are too easy) Enjoy: The Damned, Nu […]

Romantic Songs from the Movies

10 lovely romantic clips from 10 fabulous movies. All I need is the performer and the movie. It starts out easy….. Exclusively 1980s/1990s, enjoy Berlin, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, The […]

Lost In Translation

A tricky test of tumultuous translations 10 familiar song clips from songs with a non-English title. I want the actual title (1 point) and the translation into English (1 point). […]

Christmas Chronology

A massive quiz round with 21 Christmas classics – but can you put them in order they were released? Most of the clips from the 1980s when there seemed to […]

Number One or Not

10 Fab songs from the 60s and the 70s so we’ll all know these? But did they reach number one in the charts or not. It’s up to you spot the […]

Guess the Movie (1960s-1980s)

Great film themes from movies from the 1960s – 1980s Classic tunes from classic films like Back to the Future, Car Wash, Ghostbusters, Midnight Cowboy…..

One Hit Wonders – 1980s

Who performed these 80s hits – and were never seen again, except maybe on the identity parade on Buzzcocks?  


10 Clips, 10 girls, 10 names Name them. And, if possible the performers and year Includes clips from David Bowie, The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Helen Reddy, […]

Guess The Year – 1983

News clips, tv ads and chart music clips from this year. Can your contestants work out which year it is. Includes BBC News, last episode of Nationwide, tv ads plus […]


3 Decades (plus 1) 10 clips. 3 each from 1960s, 3 from the 1970s, 3 from the 1980s plus one other. Who’s singing? What are they singing? Which decade does […]

Christmas No1s 1980-1989

All the number 1 hits of December 25th from the 1980s (1980 – 1989). But in the wrong chronological order! Can you identify the songs, singers and the year they […]

Purple Reign – the Prince quiz

An unashamed excuse for playing 12 (yes, TWELVE)  great Prince tracks. Your contestants real trick is to give THE YEAR each was first a UK chart hit. 5 points for […]

Beat the Intro – 1989

Intro clips from 1989 featuring some great songs from  Jason Donovan, Marc Almond, Natalie Cole, Mike and the Mechanics, Sydney Youngblood, Paula Abdul, Donna Summer, Richard Marx, Roy Orbison, Alice […]

Alphabet Oldies A-J

Let’s identify the performers from these 10 clips, with a massive hint, they are in alphabetical order from A to J Some very easy, some a bit tricky, you decide: […]

Location, Location 50s – 80s

10 clips from 50s- 80s and question is ‘Spot the Location’ (place name) Here we have: George Formby, Dusty Springfield, Billy Preston, Johnny Bristol, Chicago, Dionne Warwick, Barry White, Michael […]

Guess The Year – 1980

Can your guests identify the year these songs and pieces of newsreel footage come from Including The Police, Odyssey, Detroit Spinners, Abba  plus clips from Movie, BBC News and ITV […]