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Music Quiz App

If you’d like to browse and get Quiz rounds away from this web site, I’ve put together a solution (with the help of the FREE Apple App – Filemaker Go

Install the Filemaker Go app on your IOS device and then download the following database mp3quiz.fmp12

  1. On first use, you will need to enter your Name and Email address – this is just so I can send you reciepts
  2. Then use the main screen to search and select quiz rounds you would like
  3. Once done, check your basket – using the Basket button and do one of the following:
    1. Remove quiz rounds you don’t want, by clicking the red X
    2. Go back to Shopping to add some more, by clicking on ‘Keep Shopping’
    3. Place order which will send you an email confirming your order and take you to PayPal to pay.
    4. Once paid, you should be returned to the main screen and, using the File Links tab you can play/access your downloads

Email me if you have any problems

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A zillion light years away (or maybe a billion zillion, no-one is sure) is a planet.

Sp 1 Derman (our name; we do not know what they call their own planet).

A beautiful planet with a very advanced civilisation. People must have visited or at least dreamt of Sp 1 Derman, because occassionally you can see pictures of whispy, dreamlike, sea and lanscapes; of creatures, unfocussed, blurred but delicate, beautiful, graceful and peaceful.

There is no war on Sp 1 Derman; there is a balanced social system that ensures all are fed, housed, given care and opportunity. There is no envy or greed on Sp 1 Derman. Sharing and tolerance is a global ‘given’.

There are families on Sp 1 Derman. The family unit is much as you would expect with one unusual attribute. When the offspring are born the parents create gossamer strands, much like a thin web from a spider, which surrounds and protects the babies like a basket. These gossamer strands, called myrmnths, are incredibly special. They are invisible to all but the most powerful microscope, they cannot be physically felt –  but they are there. They are comprised of very tiny electrical charges.

Myrmnths, although amazingly delicate, are also incredibly strong. They cannot be broken. As a mother moves further away from her child the myrmnth stretches, without loss of connection, to accommodate: and, equally as mother and child move closer then the myrmnth contracts.

Myrmnths are not affected by physical objects as, like X-Rays, they can continue their connection through buildings, mountains, anything.

Between mother and baby there is a single myrmnth in which the tiny electrical charges can travel either way. This is the single strongest myrmnth. As the child grows the myrmnth changes. For the baby it is a single strand, but as the child ages, the single strand gradually metamorphoses into two strands, one with the connection from child to mother and one the other way round. By the time the child reaches adulthood the myrmnths are completely separate, although each has a wonderfully strong bond.

Between the father and child the same happens.

If we had the eyes to see, we would notice the finest, silvery thread somehow coming from the parents heart and connected to the child’s heart. Despite it’s fineness, and the way it wafts slightly in the breeze and appears so fragile, it is, as I said, so strong it cannot be pulled apart.

Between father and mother there is also a multiple connection. In fact, between adults the connections can become very complex. As well as the differing path of each connection, there are different types of myrmnth.

The most pure, ‘silver myrmnth’  connects parent with child.

Between siblings a more complex stream of ‘gold myrmnths’ create a familial grouping like a beautiful network of interwoven golden threads: complex and yet still so simple, as each connects one heart to another.

In the social world of Sp 1 Derman, the subtle and graceful threads of myrmnth bind the world, by connecting family groups and ensuring interactions are balanced, fair and equal.

Look closer at those impressions of Sp 1 Derman and see if you can just make out the myrmnths and their connections:

Between lovers it gets the most complex.

Love often begins with lust or intrigue or admiration. The initial myrmnths between two so attracted can take any myriad number of forms and they reflect the attraction. For example if the attraction is physical from one to the other then a temporary (not a complete connection, but more of an exploratory connection) myrmnth is created that passes from eye to eye; and if the response is lustful, a similar connection is created back from groin to groin.

Of course, the actual connections are multiple: a veritable network, a maze of temporary myrmnths connect in either direction dependent on the multiple thoughts: attractiveness (face, body, hands, legs), lustfulness, compatibility, intelligence, sensuousness, empathy – wherever the unguarded brain finds attraction.

As lovers-to-be grow together, the entangled myrmnths rearrange to form more tidy connections, but as they are lovers, the brain, the eyes, the heart, the groin are connected all in different ways. Also the temporary myrmnths either dispel or grow permanent. In fact during mating the connections most stimulated actually grow in power and intensity, and the electrical charge grows and heats, sometimes incandescent, sometimes actually visible

I mentioned that myrmnths could not be broken, but lovers who drift apart or who split and find new lovers, will find that their myrmnths eventually begin to fade, to lose power and finally to be no more as like a battery slowly drains. It can often happen that myrmnths in one direction can fade whilst the reciprocal ones remain, as one lover moves on, to the disappointment of the other.

Fortunately, as the inhabitants of Sp 1 Derman, are immune from envy and jealousy, they are able through superior self will and determination to manage through any disappoinments and pain.

They are intelligent, thoughtful, creative, empathetic, adaptable, passionate and kindly. They are beautiful.

It is a beautiful world.

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1960s Weeks

The next couple of weeks on Music Quiz will be 1960s weeks. I have a request from Dean Martin (Thames Radio – check him out), for 6 1960s themed quizzes for his loyal ‘Gold’ crowd.

We have Spot the Connection – No.2s, Guess the TOTP Presenter (spoken round of 1960s DJs), Famous 60s Songs that Didn’t Chart in USA, 60s Odd One Out round, One Hit Wonders – Guess the Decade (60s, 70s or 80s)

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Music Quiz App on its way….

BREAKING NEWS:  The iPhone/iPad Music Quiz App is coming soon.


It’s being designed so you can browse, shop, download and store music files and answer sheets to your mobile device.

It’s still under development but will be with you soon and will be available here

Android version will be available too

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2016 Best Fringe Jokes

I love them

The top 15 funniest jokes from the Fringe

“My dad has suggested that I register for a donor card. He’s a man after my own heart” – Masai Graham
“Why is it old people say “there’s no place like home”, yet when you put them in one…” – Stuart Mitchell
“I’ve been happily married for four years – out of a total of 10” – Mark Watson
“Apparently 1 in 3 Britons are conceived in an IKEA bed which is mad because those places are really well lit” – Mark Smith
“I went to a pub quiz in Liverpool, had a few drinks so wasn’t much use. Just for a laugh I wrote The Beatles or Steven Gerrard for every answer… came second” – Will Duggan
“Brexit is a terrible name, sounds like cereal you eat when you are constipated” – Tiff Stevenson
“I often confuse Americans and Canadians. By using long words” – Gary Delaney
“Why is Henry’s wife covered in tooth marks? Because he’s Tudor” – Adele Cliff
“Don’t you hate it when people assume you’re rich because you sound posh and went to private school and have loads of money?” – Annie McGrath
“Is it possible to mistake schizophrenia for telepathy, I hear you ask” – Jordan Brookes
“Hillary Clinton has shown that any woman can be President, as long as your husband did it first” – Michelle Wolf
“I spotted a Marmite van on the motorway. It was heading yeastbound” – Roger Swift
“Back in the day, Instagram just meant a really efficient drug dealer” – Arthur Smith
“I’ll tell you what’s unnatural in the eyes of God. Contact lenses” – Zoe Lyons
“Elton John hates ordering Chinese food. Soya seems to be the hardest word” – Phil Nicol


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New Spot the Connection Quiz – Songs with same titles as TV Shows

10 very varied musical clips all with something in common.

Your contestants have to identify that something (5 pts) and the performers 2 pts each

Enjoy David Bowie, John Lennon, Jason Donovan, Charles and Eddie, Danni Minogue & The Soul Seekerz, Leo Sayer, Donna Summer, Ed Sheeran, Pink Floyd, Cliff Richard,

Spot the Connection - Songs with same names as TV Shows

Spot the Connection – Songs with Same Title as TV Show

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Three of the Same? Three of a Kind? Triplets? Hmmmmm not sure

New this week is another ‘Spot the Connection’ round

3 of the same

Can your contestants spot the connection between these  ten quite varied clips.

10 very varied musical clips all with something in common.

Your contestants have to identify that something (5 pts), the performers – there’s some obscure ones – 2 pts each and 1 pt for song title. So, Max score for the round of 35 points

Enjoy Abba, Crash Test Dummies, Lady Gaga, Jo Jo Gunne, Outhere Brothers, TLC, Beach Boys, Lenny Kravitz, Shirley & Company, N’Sync,

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New quiz for the Easter Weekend – Eric

With thanks again to ‘Pointless’ for the idea…

10 audio and music clips that provide the sound of or clues toward well known/famous people called Eric. Just name the Eric for 2 points each

Includes clips/music from: Eric Idle, Eric Liddle, Eric Bana, Eric Carle, Eric Clapton, Eric McCormack, Eric Prydz, Eric Sykes, Eric Cantona, Eric Morecamber

Grab it here: Eric