Music Quiz App – for iPad (and iPhone)

If you’d like to browse and get Quiz rounds away from this web site, I’ve put together a solution (with the help of the FREE Apple App – Filemaker Go

Install the Filemaker Go app on your IOS device and then download the following database mp3quiz.fmp12 (you may need to right-click this link, then put it into a new browser tab). Once done, copy the file to your IOS device. Click on it and, as long as Filemaker is installed, then you should have the option to open with that app

  1. On first use, you will need to enter your Name and Email address – this is just so I can send you reciepts
  2. Then use the main screen to search and select quiz rounds you would like
  3. Once done, check your basket – using the Basket button and do one of the following:
    1. Remove quiz rounds you don’t want, by clicking the red X
    2. Go back to Shopping to add some more, by clicking on ‘Keep Shopping’
    3. Place order which will send you an email confirming your order and take you to PayPal to pay.
    4. Once paid, you should be returned to the main screen and, using the File Links tab you can play/access your downloads

Email me if you have any problems