70s Spot the Connection – Musical Genres

One of my favourites.

Here are 10 70s clips, some of which you may not have heard for a while (and wish you still didn’t, check out tune 2)

1 pt for Performer

5 pts if you Spot the Connection from the song titles

1pt for listing what each connecting item is

Paul Nicholas, The Trammps, Wild Cherry, Queen, Dire Straits, The Ramones, The Kinks, King Curtis, McGuinness Flint, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

That’s Life

Should be a Spot the Connection but way too easy really. In all these 10 clips about “life” I want the Performer (2pts), Song Title (2pts) and, as a bonus 1 pt for year of release

Enjoy Frank Sinatra, The Lightning Seeds, Iggy Pop, Joyce Sims, 10cc, Kelly Clarkson, The Moody Blues, T.I. feat. Rhianna, Dire Straits, The Beatles