Dean’s Christmas 2023 Mixed Quiz

A Christmas mixed quiz from DJ Dean Martin

10 Christmas themed questions for you to answer: What was Brenda Lee doing under the Christmas tree?, In which song is there a snowman named Parson Brown?, In the Chris de burgh song who came travelling?, Who sang this?, According to Dean Martin what is the weather like outside?, Who released’Lonely this Xmas in the 70s?, What year was Mr Blobby an Xmas number one?, I will always love you , how many weeks at number 1 ?, One more sleep is a song recorded by which British singer?, Who wished it could be Xmas everyday?

To run this type of quiz, play each clip, pause when you hear the sleigh bells and then ask the appropriate question. When you’re ready ‘un-pause’ and continue.


Mixed Quiz – 9

10 clips with a separate question per clip.

Quite a variety of music here, many thanks again to Paul for suggesting this. Questions include:

Which American Rapper features on this track?

How many times does the letter “A” appear in this band’s name?

Which member of this band was a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner?

This band is named after a character from which Children’s TV series?,

This song was the theme tune from a TV series about what type of animal?

This song samples a 90’s hit by which artist?

With which singer did this performer have a UK No.1 with in 1989? ,

For which country did this singer win the Eurovision Song Contest? ,

Which former boy band member had a hit with a cover of this song?

This song featured on the soundtrack to which 1990 Romantic Comedy?

Mixed Quiz 7

Can you answer these 10 questions (1 for each clip) which cover a variety of topics?

Questions include: Name this band of brothers? , What was the name of this performer’s backing band?  , Who is the lead singer with this band?, Which Scottish city are this band from? , Which boy band was this singer a former member? , Which band originally had a 2003 hit with this song? , In which Country was this band formed? , Which Sport was this band named after?, The letter ‘D’ appears how many times in this band’s name?

Mixed Quiz 3

10 clips in the form of a mixed quiz, i.e with a separate question for each audio clip


Which UK city is mentioned in the lyrics of this song?


What Children’s TV programme is this from?


What product was this song used to advertise in 1985?


Which 2007 TV Talent show was this performer a judge?


Who is this Irish performer?


Which parts of the body feature in the title of this song?


Who are these siblings?


Which ‘Beatle’ is the lead vocalist on this song?


In which country was this singer born?


Who had an original hit with this song?