The Dance

Requested by the fabulous, amazing, multi talented, award winning*  Ria Lina, (yes, she is paying me) this is more an activity than a quiz (but can be run as a quiz). It’s a Video and a Music quiz

10 classic dances and each team has a minute to DO each dance or nominate a member to do them and be marked by the compere. Come on, you KNOW those moves

Enjoy/suffer acute embarrassment to: Steps, Little Eva, Whigfield, Black Lace (TWICE), Chubby Checker, Los del Rio, Damian, The Gap Band, The Village People playing 5,6,7,8, The Locomotion, Saturday Night, Agadoo, The Twist, Oops Upside Your Head, YMCA, The Music Man


Award winning* stand up comedian and cabaret host, Ria can be seen performing both in the UK and abroad. With both a musical repetoire and 4 solo comedy show under her belt her range and flexibility make her a circuit favourite.

*like a televised award and everything**
**It was called the EMMA Award***
***They don’t do it anymore but it still counts.


Reduced resolution video for you to preview