8049n27_20records and audio and video tapes deteriorate

have them converted to digital format before you lose them forever


it’s easy

  1. Use the contact form to book in your audio/video, confirm format of conversion and receive an address label
  2. Send your audio or video recording in, including a return envelope
  3. Your analogue recording(s) will be converted to the format of your chooing
  4. You will be sent an email and digital files will be available for download
  5. Your original recordings will be sent back to you 


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Your VHS, CamCorder tapes or old obscure video formats to DVD or a digital format – iPad, Apple TV, Android, Windows, Mac

Tidy up and improve the editing of home VHS recordings, i.e. Wedding or other Occasion videos

Download YouTube or other Internet videos of your choosing


Any audio – Vinyl, Tape, MiniDisk (even audio from Videos), cleaned and converted to the format of your choosing


Do you have pictures, documents, spreadsheet, emails, databases on an old CD or DVD or floppy and you want them restored – we can do this too


High quality transfer of:

  • VHS (video) tapes to digital format in stereo (mpeg, quick time, etc… to watch on your computer or other portable video devices or upload to YouTube) and to DVDs.
  • Cassette tapes to digital format (mp3 or Audio CD).
  • Vinyl records to digital format (mp3 or Audio CD).
  • Photographs, certificates and old documents to scanned to a digital format

Preserve your precious memories on old tapes & records and convert and archive them in digital format.

Some prices may vary dependent upon complexity, but I will always advise you of the best value option

The prices below all cover conversions on to hardware (usb stick, CD, DVD); there is a 10% reduction for a digital download


Please feel free to ask about any other format not listed – I probably do it.