Record, Tape and Video conversion

Video Conversion

• vhs • digital video  sony v8  freesat/freeview export • dvds • existing movies and home videos •

Save to any Digital format for TV systems, computers and tablets

I can provide editing to remove blank areas or poor recordings I can provide titles if required


got any old records or cassettes or tapes gathering dust, taking space..

Vinyl Records, Cassettes, Mini Disks, CDs all converted to mp3

convert them to digital format of your choice before it’s too late

Audio Conversion

• records scratch • audio tapes hiss • video tapes deteriorate •

Document, Image, Database Conversion

Do you have pictures, documents, spreadsheet, emails, databases on an old CD or DVD or floppy and you want them restored or converted – this can be done too


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07721 365 324

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