FAQ and General Instructions

 About the Quiz formats

I supply many quiz rounds to pubs and the London ‘Gold’ DJ Dean Martin (don’t believe him when he says he creates them himself 🙂 ). Because of this, almost all quiz rounds contain 10 questions as this fits with most official formats. Therefore most quiz rounds have 10 clips. However there many other rounds with 12 or more rounds. The description of the quiz will let you know how many music clips you can expect to hear

Older quiz rounds are supplied in a ‘zip’ file which PC Windows explorer and Mac Finder will extract for you. These files contain a music file, e.g. ‘beattheintro.mp3’, and a document (pdf) containing the answers to the quiz. The document also includes contact details including my phone number in case of problems.

Newer quiz rounds contain at least the mp3 and pdf files as separate files

Got an iPad or iPhone – How do I download?

You can also get an App for the iPad where you can search, buy and save your quizzes. You will firstly need to download the FREE IOS app Filemaker Go (it will work on iPhone but a bit cramped onscreen)

Once you have this, then download the Music Quiz app (mp3quiz.fmp12) which you can open with Filemaker Go


Got an Android

ZIP Files

Some downloads are a combined MP3 and PDF file contained in a ZIP file

On an Android device install the free app WinZip

MP3 and PDF

Newer downloads are a two file set, a MP3 and a PDF file

On an Android machine downloading is easier, but here is a good one Easy Downloader

If you have any problems with extracting the files from the zip file or have any questions at all, please contact me and I will send you a replacement mp3 file, if necessary

How can I split a long recording into multiple files or CD tracks?

Follow these steps to create a separate file for each song or segment of a long recording. This is particularly useful if you are creating a CD, since each file will appear as a separate track on the CD.

  1. Click to place the cursor at the start of the first song.
  2. Choose “Add Label at Selection” from the Project menu (or Tracks menu in Audacity Beta). If you wish, you can type the name of the song.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each song.
  4. When you are finished, choose “Export Multiple” from the File menu. When you click the “Export” button, Audacity will save each song as a separate file, using the format and location you choose.

Alternatively, Audacity can attempt to detect the silences between tracks then label them automatically using Analyze > Silence Finder. If you do not have Silence Finder in your version of Audacity, it can be found in the Audacity legacy 1.2.6 Plug-in Pack.

See also: How do I save my recording on an audio CD?

Every week there’s a free quiz of the week that you can download here

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