What is it and what do you get?

Each quiz contains a audio file (mp3) and an answer sheet (pdf)

Your audio download will sound like this :
(click below to listen to a segment from the  ‘Beat the Intro – 1980s – 2′ quiz)

Each quiz usually contains 10 musical or spoken or mixed clips to provide 10 questions per quiz round. Perfect for including as additional quiz round for your pub or community quiz

I want a CD

If you prefer to receive your quiz rounds on an audio cd, then pop over here and add this item to your purchase. You will need to use the contact form to give me your address

I’ve got an Android / iPhone or iPad

Please take a look at the FAQ page for how to purchase, download and play using mobile devices

You can also get an App for the iPad where you can search, buy and save your quizzes. You will firstly need to download the FREE IOS app Filemaker Go (it will work on iPhone but a bit cramped onscreen)

Once you have this, then download the Music Quiz app (mp3quiz.fmp12) which you can open with Filemaker Go


Bulk and Regular Purchase Discounts

If you purchase 5 or more quiz rounds, you’ll get an automatic 10% off your purchase

Buy even more, and you get 15% any purchase of 10 quiz rounds or more

In addition to this,I’m happy to provide special additional  discounts for regular purchasers.

If you’re a pub running Pub Quiz evenings or a social club or organisation, then it may make sense to buy a month’s worth or more to ensure you’re well stocked on quiz rounds

About Me

I supply many quiz rounds to pubs, societies, clubs and individuals and the London ‘Gold’ DJ Dean Martin. Although most quiz rounds have 10 clips, there many other rounds with 12 or more audio clips. The description of the quiz will let you know how many music clips you can expect to hear. There is an audio preview option for you to hear a sample of each quiz.

The  quiz rounds are provided as a either two files per quiz (an mp3 and a pdf file) or as a single ‘zip’ file which  can be easily extracted using Windows File explorer or Mac Finder

There are so many quiz rounds here  (and more arriving weekly) covering more than 50 years of music.

 As ever, I pride myself on exceptional customer service and you will find customer support is speedy, friendly and personal. Use the contact form and I will respond within a couple of hours; by phone if necessary