Enjoy these rounds containing comedy clips (both spoken and songs) and zany one-hit wonders


You'll love this one Hopefully Zany, crazy one-hit wonders. Not just single hits but also slightly mad ones. Can you get them all? Can you get ANY of them? Splodgenessabounds, Napoleon X!V, Sue Wilkinson.... [audio…

Another batch of one-hit zany novelty tune clips This one includes Rednex, Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore, Tiny Tim and many more..The Streak, The Laughing Policeman, Witch Doctor, Purple People Eater

Let's have a laugh. Comedy songs from Billy Connolly, Goons, Victoria Wood, The Goodies, Morecombe and Wise and many many more A lot of fun whether you can get the answers or not

"Oooooh dear, matron" Hilarious and familiar clips from 10 Carry On films, but which ones? Can you spot Carry on Henry, Camping, Cleo, Doctor, Matron?and others. Enjoy the smut and temptation of Kenneth Williams, Sid…

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